High quality Brands

  • ATX® - Athletic Training Xtreme

    ATX® stands for professional branded equipment - Designed in Germany - and for functional strength training.

    Our passion drives us to constantly innovate and develop and produce strength training equipment with maximum motivation and efficiency in order to motivate people to a active and strong lifestyle and help you reach your training goals faster.

    Safety, functionality and quality are the crucial attributes that stand at the forefront of ATX® equipment.

    Our ATX® products are manufactured using the latest technologies in laser cutting and welding robots. Thus, we not only guarantee extremely high quality but also efficient operations resulting in extremely cost-effective products.

    ► Precision laser manufacturing
    ► Thick-walled tubular steel profile 80 x 80 mm
    ► Individualised special production (Customer Built) possible
    ► Free 3-D CAD planning service
    ► Security certified according to EN 20957 with studio approval
    ► Wide range of expansion possibilities and options available
    ► by default in black, and on request also available in other RAL colors
    ► Powder-coated
    ► Quality "Designed in Germany"

    Specifically designed for ambitious athletes, ATX® equipment is a first-class choice for tough, long-term use in fitness studios, Crossfit boxes, associations and institutions.

    User Group: home-gym, semi-professionals and professionals
    Certificate: DIN EN 20957


    Die ORIGINAL RUSSIAN KETTEBELLS® are training dumbbells that are shaped like cannonballs with a handle. These special weights are also simply referred to as "round weights or cannonballs".

    ORIGINAL RUSSIAN KETTEBELLS® are made from a cast iron ball with a solid handle and, depending on the weight, has a diameter of approx. 12 to 30 centimetres. The weight of the ORIGINAL RUSSIAN KETTEBELLS® is outside of the centre of gravity in relation to the position of the handle, so they have the ideal prerequisites for performing ballistic strength training exercises. Thanks to special attributes grip strength, functional and complex muscle chains, ligaments, high-speed strength and general strength as well as ballistic strength in particular are optimally trained using the ORIGINAL RUSSIAN KETTEBELLS®.

    User Group: professionals

  • CHD® - California Heavy Duty

    CHD® compact dumbbells are professional studio dumbbells that meet the highest of requirements.

    All CHD® sets are custom-made and are constructed from individual plates on a solid steel handle with a rubber-coated steel stop plate. The dumbbell is fixed firmly and is not detachable. The proven and compact design allows optimal and safe handling.

    User Group: professionals

  • GymFloor®

    GymFloor® offers a comprehensive range of attractively priced and durable floor coverings for use in fitness studios, sports associations and home gyms.

    The GymFloor® protective floor coatings are available rolled and tiled for training areas, equipment areas and weight areas and ensure a non-slip training surface for athletes.

    The GymFloor® tiled landing plates and safety mats can be used as an ideal, safe and portable protection for sporting activities such as weight lifting, functional fitness training and powerlifting in order to prevent wear and tear of the floor surface.

    User Group: home-gym, semi-professionals and professionals